Marco Asam alias Antimaterium is a Germany-based Techno/Tech-House/Electronic orientated Music-producer and Live-Act.

He also likes to try out experimental things using 432Hz, Chakra- and Sacred Frequencies.

Starting young it was his call to be a Musician. Marco likes to be in the studio and is there every given moment, improving his abilities to create a unique and authentic sound.


Marco Asam born in Germany, also known as Antimaterium, he started to Produce at the young age of 17 and DJing under the name Antidot even earlier. As a child, he visited a lot of places in the world, which influenced him and his music a lot.

The reputation of his underground tracks is growing. The name is derived from Antimatter, which represents the unseeable world, the nothingness, or Void. It should remind us that there is much more going on around us, than we can sense and that this unseeable world is changing our whole world immensely every moment. Furthermore, it should remind us to live in unity with everything and everyone.

So far his remixes include tracks from Guy Gerber, Gregor Tresher, Fatboy Slim, Henry Saiz, Alle Farben, Booka Shade, TYP, and Nosaj Thing.

Starting to DJ Techno music in clubs, it was a logical step to start his own Label Gene 9 Records and produce his own kind of music. Focusing on special frequencies.

If he can make enough with his music, he will donate all extra money to charity and nature reserve programs.

He is not creating music for money, he does it with his heart and for nature.

Furthermore, he is developing groundbreaking styles with frequencies and tunings never heard before.

His key to good music is Meditation, Nature, and Love. Of course, hard work is also part of it.