Please ask yourself following questions before you apply. Thank you.

The subjects range from basic features to complex things like API or Max 4 Live.


We are multiple teachers. Covering many Subjects from production, programming, mixing and mastering. Which field are you interested in?


Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced?


In which DAW you want to have lessons?


How long have you been using e.g. Ableton and what version?


Do you want to have a more theoretical approach or a more intuitive? Usually we do a mix of both.


Example Conversation:


Usually we start a course with an hour. We will be doing some basic stuff first, so I can see how much knowledge you already have and pick you up from there.


We will be doing a track from scratch together and I will explain you as we go. So we will go from production all the way to the technique of mixing a good track and preparing for Mastering. Please do ask specific questions you have. After a couple of courses you should be up and running.


The approach will be less technical and more intuitive, since you will learn faster as you will be having more fun.


After some courses you can decide to do a Mastering course with our Mastering Engineer or even go into programming with Max 4 Live with our programmer.


I presume you want to do the course online? Which is your preferred app for our conference, Skype?


Our prices are 39€ per hour. Payment is in Advance. We do offer discounts for students and people with low income.


If you are unsatisfied we offer a 50% money back guarantee.


Usually it takes around 4-5 Hours to get a good overview.




Book online course via Skype, etc...:






    Discounted: 19€/Hour*

    Regular: 39€/Hour



Book via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Phone: +4988414961220



Skype: antidot999


Studio: +49 8841 6729530



*under circumstances/student/under 16/etc...